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  • Get in line to earn rewards and get pre-access to your favorite co-creator's collection before it sells out.
  • Advance in the line by inviting your friends.
  • Collect points to get rewards. The more friends you invite the more points you will receive.
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Here is how it works

    • When you get in line you are provided with a unique link that is also sent to your email.
    • Join as many lines as you want. For each line a unique link will be provided.
    • Invite friends using your unique link. You will receive points for each invited friend who signs up. 
    • You can invite the same friends to join multiple lines.
    • We will reward those who invite many friends:
          • 1 point per invited friend up to 5 friends
          • 2 points per invited friend between 5-10 friends
          • 4 points per invited friend between 10-20 friends
          • 8 points per invited friend above 20 friends

          We are now taking the next exciting step in the H&M-integration by offering all our current and future co-creation products on the local H&M site. This means that we will no longer sell any of our products at


          We hope that you will follow us to and keep your eyes open for coming collaboration drops!


          NYDEN will still accept returns for purchases made on within a period of 30 days. For any questions, please reach out to